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Mission Statement:

"To provide horsemen an opportunity for professional and personal growth, by increasing their understanding of the horse with which they work and enhancing their professional skills."
 Schedule 2015
 Groom Elite 101 at Gulfstream Park begins January 5-6 and continues every Monday-Tuesday (except MLK Holiday week when class is Tuesday-Wednesday) through assessment February 9-10.

Trainers Exam Prep Classes
    March in Lexington, Kentucky
    April 1,2,3 - Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, Texas

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PLEASE HELP - Even though the national economy seems to have recovered, the racing industry organizations that support programs for grooms of racehorses at racetracks, farm grooms and inmates at correctional facilities taking care of retired Thoroughbreds have not benefitted to extent they can offer our programs. The Elite Program is at risk of not being able to continue offering our education programs that benefit both people AND horses. YOU can help by making a donation (we are a 501-c-3 organization so donations are duductible.  CLICK HERE to donate now.

All horses, especially racehorses, are at risk of injury and health problems. In addition to the pressures of daily confinement, racehorses' legs are subjected to the pounding of speed work and their general health is challenged by exposure to large numbers of horses from many different locations. Because they spend more time with a racehorse than any other equine professional, knowledgeable grooms are important to the success of any racing barn. These important members of a racing team increase the odds of a horse having a long and sound racing career.

Racing is a difficult business. Participants can go from the one emotional and/or financial extreme to another in a short period of time.
Owners and trainers invest and risk there time and money in racehorses with the expectation that their investment will at least pay its way. They hire workers to care for their investment with an expectation that the person hired will be knowledgeable and capable of recognizing an injury or illness before it stops the horse's training (or ends its racing career). Identifying capable workers was (and continues to be) difficult as there was no standard by which grooms were measured. The Elite Program, Inc. a non-profit horsemen's education service, provides high quality equine care courses to grooms, owners, trainers and anyone interested in learning about taking care of a horse. In addition, grooms that demonstrate minmum knowledge on a written assessment and minimum practical skills in 5 areas of racehorse care are certified as "Elite grooms". The next time you are at the race, look for a tan Groom Elite logo jacket. It means that horse is receiving Elite care.